A Divorce Settlement of Sorts

Hire a divorce lawyer

A word of warning to all those people in an unhappy relationship who are about to leave: it may take you months to sort out your finances.  Years, maybe.

You will be the recipient of a whole swathe of advice, from “Drag him through the courts!” and “Kick him where it hurts!” to “Don’t go to court” or “Just leave quietly – haven’t you done enough?”

They’ve all got a point.

Unless you split amicably, or are a strong willed kind o’ guy, you probably are unsure what to do.  Do you try to settle it between you, and if that doesn’t work, mediate – and if that doesn’t work, use a solicitor – and if that doesn’t work, go to court? See the average cost of getting divorced.


And that’s why it takes AGES.  Divorce isn’t something to be taken lightly and you should do everything properly. This will prevent any issues arising in the future. We recommend using a divorce lawyer.

A divorce lawyer will be able to draft up paperwork, file documents and will keep track of all necessary deadlines. An experienced lawyer will take charge of this difficult time.

During the first meeting with your attorney, you will have to provide a lot of information and your attorney will ask a lot of questions and will listen to the details of your divorce.

You and your lawyer will have to be in touch frequently to deal with any difficulties, changes and issues. For example, if the case does end up going to court, you have to provide evidence of the information you have given to your attorney.  Find out more.

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