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Compensation for leg Injuries

Total loss of both legs £132,500 – £155,000

This would be when both legs are lost above the knee, if they are amputated near the hip area then you would receive more towards the top end of the compensation bracket.

Below the knee on both legs

£110,000 – £147,500

For the claimant to receive the top end of the compensation bracket you would have to have both legs amputated near the knee, the lower down it is the less the compensation amount becomes.

One leg above the knee

£52,500 – £77,000

The compensation would fall under different areas which would be the following:

  • Level of amputation
  • Severity of pains
  • Problems with a prosthesis
  • Side effects
  • Depression or backache

One leg below the knee

£50,000 – £71,500

Compensation towards the lower end of the bracket would be a straight forward case of amputation below the knee with no complications. The top end would be a more traumatic amputation or with numerous unsuccessful surgeries taking place.

Severe leg injuries

£52,500 – £74,000

This would be injuries which do not involve amputations but leave the claimant in severe pain and discomfort. Also factors like extensive cosmetic scares and shortening of the leg would influence the compensation amount.

Very serious injuries to the leg

£30,000 – £46,500

This would be injuries which lead to permanent problems with mobility. The claimant would depend on the use of crutches for the remainder of their lives. Have multiple fractures which has taken years to heel and have led to serious deformation and limitation of movement.

Serious injuries to the leg

£21,500 – £30,000

This would be injuries which are very serious to joints and ligaments resulting in instability, arthritis will be present in the future along with injuries involving hip replacement leading to extensive scarring.

Moderate injury

£15,250 – £21,500

This bracket would include severe, complicated or multiple fractures to the leg, the level of compensation would be influenced by the amount of time off work, risk of degenerative changes, fractures leading to imperfection. Limited joint movement is also a key factor within this bracket along with unsightly scarring.

Less serious leg injuries

£10,000 – £15,250

This is fractures to the leg which the claimant will no recover from e.g. metal implants which would restrict movement.

Simple fractures

£5,000 – £7,750

Simple fractures and soft tissue damage

up to £5,000

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Knee Injuries

These type of injuries fall into the brackets extending from a few hundred to £50,000 in compensation.

Severe knee injuries

£38,000 – £52,500

This would be when the disruption of the joint and ligamentous damage has occurred. This would entail lengthy treatment which would result in loss of function and considerable pain.

Leg fracture extending to knee

£28,500 – £38,000

This would cause constant pain and limit movement and at times impairing agility.

Less severe injuries than stated above

£14,750 – £23,500

This would be when the claimant results in less disability but has continuous symptoms and is in constant pain and discomfort. Limited movement and a risk of degenerative changes may take place in the future.

Moderate knee injuries

£8,000 – £14,750

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Ankle Injuries

Very severe ankle injury

£27,500 – £38,000

Severe injury to the ankle

£17,500 – £27,500

Moderate ankle injuries

£7,250 – £14,750

Modest injury

up to £7,500

Many ankle injuries would be classed into this bracket.

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