Criminal Defence Lawyer: Here’s What They Actually Do

A criminal defence lawyer

A criminal defence solicitor will fill many roles during the course of a criminal case. This lawyer will be in charge of defending a person that is being charged with a crime. The lawyer speaks on the criminals behalf. Read more on local solicitors.

Case assignments

Quite often, the court assigns a case to the defence lawyer, however the solicitor may also be contacted directly via the defendant.  In addition, you may also be hired by a private firm.

The lawyer will then have the opportunity to meet with the client in order to gain as much information as possible about the case. Asking various questions will help the lawyer to find out the best possible defences to use during trial. Click here for more advice about lawyers.

What happens if the defendant is sentenced?

A criminal defendant may be on trial to discuss a sentencing. This is usually because they accepted a plea bargain or have been convicted by a judge or jury. The lawyer will represent the defendant during this phase in order to limit the amount of time the individual will serve. Possible alternatives will also be discussed.

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