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Asbestos scare leads to evacuation – 26/11/2007Families have been forced out of their Fife council accommodation due to an asbestos scare.

The BBC reports that maintenance men working on water tanks in a council block in Inverkeithing disturbed brown asbestos.

Breathing in asbestos can lead to fatal lung diseases including cancer – and has been the subject of many thousands of compensation claims.

The block was evacuated, with six flats still unoccupied due to the scare – and the families affected currently living in a hotel.

Speaking to the Scotsman, local resident Philip Paterson said: “Everybody is in shock. They can’t believe that something like this could have happened in this day and age.

“There should have been some inspection of the property before the contractors started work.”

Housing manager at Fife Council Alan Russell confirmed that many of the families possessions would have to be destroyed due to contamination fears.

Asbestos is currently the UK’s biggest single occupational killer.

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