No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers

Funding your personal injury claims

There are many ways to fund personal injury claims from which the most commonly known is the conditional fee agreement, with a no win no fee * agreement.

Types of funding

Private funding for claims

This is exactly what it states, all claims would be totally funded by the claimant without any aid at all. This would include the solicitor fees and the disbursements as well as any insurance taken out e.g. after event insurance policy. The fees charged by the solicitor would not always be fully recovered and you may have to pay from your compensation if you were to win the claim.

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Public funding (legal aid)

Legal aid is still offered to people making a medical claim but no longer available to personal injury claims. The aid policy is made up of two requirements which is the claimants financial situation and the chances of your claim becoming successful.

The claimant might be able to get legal aid to cover the early steps of the medical investigation if they were unable to state the strength of the claim. If the case looks to be strong then the funding might be extended to follow through the medical claim.

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Funding personal injury claims through your trade union

Trade unions would give all members legal advice and assistance when taking a claim against their employer. Accidents at work are very common especially if working in an unsafe environment like a factory or a workshop.

If the union thinks your injury claim is strong they might provide adequate funding for your personal injury claim. Many claims advisors will now ask you to go through the no win no fee * scheme as it’s cost effective for them. The trade union will appoint the solicitors for you, leaving you with no choice but to use them.

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Before the event policy

This is legal protection insurance sometimes found in household insurance polices which cover your legal fees. Many people might have special insurance which may cover them solely for such accidents. We must also remind you that when going through your insurance company you must only use the claims management firm they list.

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