Inter Law – Sprinter Chambers could use вЂ?no win no fee’

Sprinter Chambers could use �no win no fee’

Banned UK sprinter Dwain Chambers could appeal against the British Olympic Association (BOA) using a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement.

Chambers was found guilty of using banned substances in 2004 and served a two-year suspension from athletics. He returned to competing earlier this year and has been looking to kick start his career again.

The sprinter has been begrudgingly included in the Great Britain team, for this year’s World Indoor Championships in Valencia, Spain, by the UK Athletics Committee.

But although eligible for the World Indoor Championships, as it currently stands Chambers would be unable to compete in the Olympic Games in Beijing this year or the London Olympics in 2012.

British athletes who test positive for banned substances automatically receive a life time ban from competing in the Olympics.

If as looks likely, Chambers appeals against his UK lifetime Olympics ban, he could be able to take legal action using the ‘conditional fee’ or no win no fee arrangement.

Chambers will be eligible for the no win no fee arrangement as he is reported to be financially troubled after two years out from competing.

Given his current financial standing it is unlikely that Chambers would have to pay any fees at all if he lost any appeal against the BOA.      

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