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injury lawyers turn to mobile doctors – 19/03/2017Mobile Doctors Group PLC has won a client contract with a firm of injury lawyer solicitors.

The contract, which cannot name the soliciting firm for confidentiality reasons, is a significant breakthrough in offering clients specialist in-house advice when seeking a legal claim. Such an arrangement could bring down legal fees further.

Under current arrangements in the UK, it is very rare that a “no win no fee” case will include medical examinations or tests. This deal allows the potential for those to be carried out as part of the claim, rather than the client having to pay separately. The NHS will not fund medical examinations for private purposes regardless of the financial situation of the claimant.

Matthew Game, Chief Executive of Mobile Doctors Group Plc, said: ?We have started the year strongly and are delighted with our new contract wins with ACM and the firm of solicitors. This highlights Mobile Doctors? ability to generate significant growth organically as well as via acquisitions.?

The contract is worth wins estimated to be worth £10 million over the next two years and will continue to establish the Mobile Doctors Group as the largest provider of legal medical reports in the UK.

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injury lawyers turn to mobile doctors
Mobile Doctors Group PLC has won a client contract with a firm of injury lawyer solicitors. The contract,……Read More

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