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Making a personal injury claim

Thousands make a compensation claim every month after being involved in an accident which was not their fault. Accidents resulting in personal injury which are caused by someone else’s negligence are not that uncommon, everyone has been involved in a car crash which wasn’t their fault at least once during their lifetime.

We help people who are injured by non fault accidents claim compensation, making a personal injury claim is a quick and simple process. We handle all our claims under a no win no fee * agreement which is a type of funding that will cover all legal fees. Our service differs from many other claims management firms, we ensure that all our claimants keep 100% of the compensation they receive by charging all our fees to the third parties insurance company. All our services are totally free and advice is given under no obligation by our specialists.

Personal injury claim under a no win no fee * policy

Making a personal injury claim under a no win no fee * claim is simple, all you have to do is meet the three requirements set by the policy before the claim can be processed. The requirements are:

  • Quantum
  • Liability
  • Limitation

Liability is the proof to state that it was the third party who was at fault. This can be done by the use of photographs, eye witness statements, records etc. It must be clear that the accident could have been prevented by the third party if certain precautions were to be taken. We must prove that the accident was due to negligence and not just a brief accident in order to get compensation.

Limitation is the period in which a personal injury claim can be made, at present the time frame is three years. This is not applicable to children.

Quantum is the evidence showing the severity of your injuries, this would indicate the amount of compensation you will receive, the length of the injury also plays an influence on the amount you receive. For a valid personal injury claim your injuries must be present for at least four weeks.

For more information about making a personal injury claim under the no win no fee * agreement call our advisors today on our free phone number 0800 180 4022.

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