Q+A’s for Funeral Finances

Finances surrounding funerals

How to get your finances in order regarding your funeral

Inter Law is often faced with questions regarding funerals, pensions and bankruptcy.

Please see below the most common questions for funerals and funeral planning.

How Does a Prepaid Funeral Work?

You will work with a local company to organise your funeral. Here you can discuss if you would like to be cremated or buried. You will also be able to pay this upfront or in 12 monthly instalments.

For more information of funerals, click here.

Can I Keep A Prepaid Funeral In Bankruptcy?

I am likely going to have to declare myself bankrupt in the near future.

I have previously paid for a prepaid funeral but now likely to apply for bankruptcy. Will they claim the money back from the funeral directors?


It is unlikely they would reverse this purchase, however, if you have done this recently, used credit to make the purchase, or it is for thousands of pounds, it could be seen in a dim light and the receiver may want to reverse it.

So I cannot give you a definitive answer due to some factors involved. You may want to query this with a solicitor. Visit this website for more information.