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Motorcycle Safety

Wearing a motorcycle helmet when riding can be the difference between you surviving and losing your life after a road accident. Head injuries are among the most deadly injuries a person can have after a road accident. This is why it is very important to wear a helmet and one which is regulated by the British standards.

A motorbike accident victim may still be at risk of developing whiplash as well as back problems after a crash but the severity of the injury will be reduced significantly when wearing motorcycle helmet.

Claiming compensation for motorcycle injury – whiplash

We have a team of road accident advisors who will help y ou make an accident claims for non fault accidents. All our compensation claims are made under a no win no fee * agreement, we also have guarantees which will ensure that you receive 100% of the compensation rewarded.

We have a totally free service which is accompanied up by the highest levels of customer service from both our advisors and solicitors.

What to do after a motor cycle accident

The following is a list of things you should do after the event of a motorcycle accident:

  • Stay calm and make sure that you and any passengers riding with you are ok, if not then phone an ambulance straight away.
  • Take down all details of third party drivers, this would be personal and insurance details.
  • Get police references – officer numbers and an accident report number if they attend the accident scene.
  • Eye witness statements and contact details.
  • Get yourself seen by a local GP or a hospital just in case the symptoms are internal and not visible.

When is the best time to make a claim?

You should make a claim after four weeks and that is if the injury is still present. The personal injury claims sc heme ( no win no fee * ) only covers compensation if the victim is still in pain from the injuries after four weeks. Make sure that you see the doctor every time you are in pain giving us a record of the injury length.

Free advice and information can be obtaine d from our accident claims advisors by calling us on 0800 180 4022 or filling out our online call back form. All our advisors and solicitors are specialists in personal injury claims and qualified to give you expert advice.

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